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The Image of Research at UIC

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Recently UIC held their annual competition called The Image of Research.  The idea is that graduate and professional degree seekers at UIC have the opportunity to submit images of aesthetic appeal along with the connection to that student’s research here at the university.  This year, one of my classmates, Annie Campbell, took third place with a piece she did for one of our classes illustrating the photoreceptors of the retina.

Just recently, the following article was released in the UIC news which includes an interview with her. It’s a fantastic piece, and Annie is an incredibly talented artist.

First place went to Sangyoon Lee for research being done to create a graphical computer interface with a very life like avatar, that can be rendered in real time allowing for real time interactions.  In fact, they’re even calling the project LifeLike.  So they submitted an image of the man they have been working on showing both the rendered side and also the wireframes.  It looks like they are getting some great results.

And second place went to Kristin Thomas for her image of an evaporating dish containing an arry of disks cut from PEGDA hydrogels synthesized in their lab.  This one is too far outside of my realms of expertise to be able to give much in the way of comment, but I will post the image nonetheless.

Congratulations to everyone who placed in this contest.  You’ve all created some great work!

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July 22nd, 2010 at 8:46 pm

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