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A couple years ago, a friend told me about Bespoke.  She pointed them out to me because their goals so sounded like my own with regard to patient care.  Last week, I was listening to TED talks online and came across one called “Scott Summit: Beautiful artificial limbs.”  Sure enough, I come to realize that Scott Summit is behind Bespoke, a company that wasn’t ready to hire an anaplastologist when I contacted them, but I still have to say a company that seems to get it.

If anything, I would have to say that the only thing these guys are missing is the option of a prosthesis which mimics the part that was lost accurately.  For some, that’s the best solution.  But that aside, I think that they are doing great work.  They’re doing great work that I would like to see come in to the realm of prostheses that are made to be more accurate, or just prosthetics in general.  So often in medical care of any kind, it seems to be the individual that is lost.  These guys aren’t making that mistake.  How refreshing!

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April 10th, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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