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First Anaplastology Patient

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**This post has been edited to remove any reference to the patient’s appointment dates in order to better protect anonymity**

So, here’s a touch of exciting.  Yours truly will be seeing her first patient in the anaplastology clinic (yes, it’s news exiting enough to speak of myself in the 3rd person!)

I have the acrylic substructure ready.

I have my colors as ready as they can be without actually meeting my patient yet.  I’ve been matching to the recorded colors in his box.

This evening I did a test paint into a bit of the original impression.  It looked good.  I think I’ll need to bump up the reds when I do the real thing, but I’m feeling pretty good about all of this.

I’ve even learned to say “Good morning” and “My name is Sara” in Polish, so I can say a couple of things to him without the interpreter.

I’m totally excited.  Day one is XXXXXX, and I have a follow up the following day.  This one is for real!

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September 20th, 2010 at 7:42 pm

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