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2009 Armitage Lectures

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Last week we had the 2009 Armitage Lecture Series at UIC.  Thursday’s speakers were Noah Lowenthal, Greg Blew, and David Bolinsky.  Friday we heard Edmond Alexander and Dr. Luc Renambot.  And of course, special guest Frank Armitage was there.

Frank Armitage

The lectures largely addressed medical animation, the business side of medical art, and the Disney influence (particularly Frank’s influence) on so many medical artists today.  I think what I got out of the lectures most of all, was the importance of following one’s vision, and the potential for carving out one’s own niche.  These are important lessons, though they are easier said than followed.

I have posted photos from Thursday’s lectures here.  Many thanks to program director Scott Barrows for making this lecture series happen.  It is an annual event, and if you find yourself in Chicago next fall, you might think of looking into making it by UIC for the next round.

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October 26th, 2009 at 12:13 pm

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