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A Girl Part Named Doug

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It may be a small point, but I for one am a little tired of so many pieces of female anatomy being named after men.  I’m not even talking about the fallopian tubes, which have been recently renamed as uterine tubes thus taking the name out of the equation.  I actually kind of liked that one.  But really, the pouch of Douglas?  And it’s other name is so clear, the rectouterine pouch.  It lies between the rectum and the uterus, so why wouldn’t we want to call it the rectouterine pouch?  I never met this Dr. James Douglas and I’m a little uncomfortable giving his memory that kind of real estate in my body.  But apparently the nomenclature of the pouch of Douglas is the more common usage.  It’s like when I learned that the term G-Spot was named after Dr. Ernst Grafenberg.  At least when Masters and Johnson first wrote about the clitoris, they had the good sense not to name it after themselves.  I mean, its gotta be a special kind of ego that studies the opposite sex and pushes to get their name in there.  Oh, who am I kidding, what kind of scientist goes into studying the opposite sex who *wouldn’t* want their name in there?!  Just the same, it does sound awfully silly.

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October 21st, 2009 at 8:19 pm

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