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Red Woman

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Well, I just managed to finish up another painting before the fall semester begins.  This is the first one I’ve ever had offers on before she was even finished.  That’s a new experience for me for sure.  I think that part of the reason for that is that the style I used for her was very clean and streamlined so you actually could see her even in just a cell phone picture.  Anyway, this one was fun to work on.  As is often the case, I was worried at first that I was pulling too much from my primary reference, a photograph found online.  But over time she started to come in to her own and take on a different feel.  I think the biggest turning point with this one was the adopting the clean line style.  I really wanted to use red, but when you try to blend red with a near white, you find yourself with pink, and that wasn’t what I wanted at all.  So I started just playing with the lines, and I think it came out very well.  Anyway, here she is.

So far I’ve just been calling her Red Woman.  Anything else just feels silly.  And yeah, I like her 🙂

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August 22nd, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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