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Miru Kim

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I was scoping around the internet a bit today for interesting anatomy and art related projects when I stumbled across photographer Miru Kim.  Miru Kim is not an anatomical or medical artist, but rather she is an artist who takes some of her inspiration from early anatomy lessons.  Her work deals more with what’s under the skin of a city, and urban decay, but I was so impressed with her that I simply had to write about her here.

Miru Kim - Bronx

Playing both the role of photographer and model, she has captured photos for her series, Naked City Spleen, across various cities spanning several countries, and getting into fascinating underground and decaying places.  I am usually the last to be impressed by themes or series in an artist’s work, but there is something about the repeated juxtaposition of her naked figure against these decaying environments that speaks to the vulnerable nature of humanity and yet at the same time emphasizes a strength and bravery as you begin to contemplate the positions that this artist has put herself into for her art.

Below I’ve embedded the TED talk she gave in 2008.  It is well worth the watch.

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May 16th, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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