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I don’t often speak about logo or symbol design here, but many of you have likely seen the new symbol by Mike Mitchell saying no to 45.

It’s pretty brilliant.  It ties in the numerical moniker that so many have taken for Trump since his presidency began.  It carries such reminiscence to the anti nazi / no swastika symbols that we’ve seen before, so much so in fact, that I often have to look closely to see which one I’m seeing.


pin image nabbed from @vitiosuslepos on Twitter

Overall, I’m just really impressed with how clear the message is.  One glance and you instantly understand who is being talked about, that he is being criticized, and specifically that he is being associated with the Nazi party.  All that, in just a glance.  That’s the kind of thing you want in a logo or symbol.  You want it to make meaning without a lot of explanation.  People think that logos are simple, but I sure find them challenging, and so when I see something so clear as this, I want to bring it up.  I also personally appreciate the sentiment behind it.  So thanks Mike, discoverable as @sirmitchell on Twitter or here at his website (which looks like it may be experiencing extra high view volume this week, so check back later if it’s acting wonky for you)

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August 17th, 2017 at 9:34 pm

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