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I Think It Worked!

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Goodness me, I think I’m finally back in internet business again!  Let me try posting an image here and see if it takes…


And that’s a success!  I haven’t even finished that illustration yet, but I am super excited to see it post.

From what I’ve gathered, the problem with web hosting must have started with some kind of php update on A Small Orange’s end.  For a long time now, everytime anyone went to my site where I keep a log of all of my paintings,, the new php was logging an error.  It had something to do with the way the CSS was written I think, nothing that was actually malfunctioning on the site itself, but rather that just didn’t fit into the expectations of the hosting update.  And this would happen repeatedly as long as anyone was looking, so much that I was consistently building up about 10gb in error logs in less than a week.  This never used to be a problem, and I hadn’t actually changed anything on my end, so this was a weird one to figure out. I just kept getting notices that I’d run out of data and  needed to upgrade my account to cover all the data I wasn’t actually posting.  I tried doing this once a while back.  I thought that maybe I’d just been on that edge of data usage and it was actually time.  The fix lasted less than a week before I was out of data space again and could no longer add files to *any* of my websites.  And when I would try to reach out to A Small Orange about the problem, I would get caught in the runaround, this last time for months and just never get anywhere.  So now, with by the grace of having knowledgeable friends, I seem to be back in the game.  I have moved everything over to GoDaddy hosting which both allows me to not pile up that error message in the first place, but also offers unlimited storage space anyways.  I still need to get a cancellation of service through with A Small Orange, but that should be the last step now.  But for now, I am just excited that I didn’t have to give up all my years of online presence and start over just to get out of that trap.  So yay!  And I hope to get back in the habit of writing more often again here.

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December 20th, 2016 at 1:10 pm

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