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New Camera!

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Well, I did it!  I finally bought a new DSLR camera to replace the Canon 20D taken by the burglars in February.  I know that I wrote about the shopping process a bit in my last post.  Well, I wound up going with the Pentax K3.  It’s amazing.  Not only has camera technology come a long way in the twelve or so years that I’d had my old camera, but Pentax has apparently been making some of the hardiest cameras around for a long time now.  It sounds like I can take this thing out into a rainstorm, dust storm, let it knock about a bit, and it’ll just keep working.

I once again have three lenses.  Somehow I always wind up with three.  In my film days with my old Pentax K1000, I had a wide angle lens, a standard lens, and a telephoto lens.  With my Canon20D I had a standard /zoom, a telephoto, and a macro lens.  Well this time I definitely wanted another macro lens.  Then instead of going standard/ zoom I went more telephoto light, which serves a similar niche with more zoom than my old standard /zoom but not as much as my old telephoto.  I think it’ll be fun to have that go between there though.  And then lastly, I picked up a fisheye as my specialty lens, and I love it!

To show off these lovely lenses, I’ll have to utilize the help of my lovely assistant, Rocky the Dog…


First we have the macro lens, and man do I love these things.  Getting closer to your subject you get a narrower and narrower depth of field, which means you have to get the focus right, but when you do, the attention goes right there.


Next that basic lens that is standard enough at 55, but telephoto enough at 200 too.



And lastly, we have the fisheye.  And can I just say… so… much… fun…


I think that this new camera and I are gong to get along very well.  And to anyone out there camera shopping, let me give you a nudge towards Pentax.  They always made a good solid film camera, and I didn’t know it until recently, but they really have kept innovating into the digital world.  The K3 is a brilliant camera.  But I even considered their lower end K-50 as well.  This brand is well worth a look if you’re in the market.

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July 15th, 2014 at 10:48 pm

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