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Live Drawing

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charcoal_figure01Last Thursday I attended a live drawing session.  For as much time as I’ve spent focused on the human form in art, I really haven’t had a lot of practice doing this.   It’s a really good exercise.  And maybe if I spend a little more time working at it, I’ll get better at it.  This one was my charcoal sketch, which was fun to play with and I think looked better than my pencil sketches, but I think that I may have gotten more out of my pencil sketches as an exercise.  Next time, I’m thinking of taking my Super Sculpey in and seeing how far I can get with a sculpture during the longer poses.  Having a live model there, affords the opportunity to even get up and walk around a bit, so it’s kind of perfect for that.  Then again, there’s a reason that this is such a time honored tradition, and maybe I should give myself a little more time working in pencil or getting more familiar with charcoal before I go and change the dynamic to 3D.

However I wind up working next time, I’m really happy to have found this place.  My coworker, Alex, told me about it.  With all our work being so digital day in and day out, it seems especially nice that she and I were able to steal away a few hours to sit and work from a model in traditional physical mediums.  No pixels, no lines of code, no software glitches, just making marks on paper.

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October 26th, 2013 at 9:32 pm

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