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A Little Update

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It seems that I’ve been short on time, but overdue for an update around here.  Work with Sapling continues to go well.  Lately I have been moving into the post production phase of a 3D animation that I’ve been working on for some time over there.  It’s about the translation process wherein individual strings of our genetic code are translated into a polypeptide chain and eventually form a protein.  It’s exciting stuff, and I’m anxious to get it all strung together and finessed.

I also managed to get in another vacation.  I went back up north for the big regional burn event that is held in Michigan.  It’s called Lakes of Fire and I had an amazing time.  I also got a glimpse at my old Chicago neighborhood and I have to say that the people and places there still hold a pretty big piece of my heart.  That and they’ve gotten me thinking about plasma cutters.  All the computer art I make starts looking a lot cooler when I start seeing such things used to create real things.  And this weekend I learned that one can design an image in Illustrator and use that design with a plasma cutter to have it cut into steel.  Nothing about that is anything less than awesome.  Seriously, my friends made this, and I’m ever so impressed.

Just sayin’.

Anyway I promise to write more soon.  And thanks as always for reading.

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June 28th, 2012 at 9:26 pm

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