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Burning Gallery

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So last weekend (and the days surrounding) I took the first paid vacation of my life, and went to Flipside.  It was beautiful.  And I am again inspired to want to build awesome things.

I posted here sometime back about The Gallery of Dreams that my friend Nobo was putting together.  The idea was a gallery of artwork that would never be photographed, to be shown throughout the event, and set on fire at the end of it all to live on exclusively in our memories.  My own contributions to the gallery were small.  I painted a little bit on one of the walls.  But some of the contributions inside were amazing.

I have one photo that I can share of the final burn.  Anything closer would have revealed the art inside.  It was a good fire, and watching the pieces go inside is something that I think I will remember for a long time.

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June 3rd, 2012 at 11:24 am

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