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A few of my older works…

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It occurs to me, that I should really highlight a few of my older works from time to time here, specifically the ones that are still available for purchase.  So, here are just such a few…

This is “Phoenix Rising.”  It was completed in the beginning of 2002.  I did this one after first moving to Los Angeles.  I had these nifty gold and copper metalic paints to try, and a nice new fan brush.   I was watching the coverage of the 9-11 attacks on my little tv, in my little new apartment.  I started out playing with flames on this one, but somewhere got swept up in the hopefulness a lot of us were feeling at that moment, plus I’ve always enjoyed the idea of the phoenix.  So I wound up making this.

It’s about 24 inches tall and 20 across.


In 2004, I painted this.

Something about this image just felt right in the making.  It’s one of those that people seem to see a lot of different things in, and that’s part of what works about it for me, so it has always been labeled “Untitled.”  It’s about one foot by one foot.


This one is from 2007.  It’s called “Swirl.”  And in some ways I have it to thank for getting me where I am today.

I struggled and struggled with this one, specifically with his hand in the foreground.  This painting, and specifically that struggle, is why Ian Coulter started teaching me to sculpt, starting with hands, and that door opening put me in a position to be ready to jump when I would later learn about the field of anaplastology, which is how I got into medical art.


And lastly I’d like to show “The Fall” from 2008, shortly before leaving Los Angeles for Chicago.

This one remains the largest piece that I have done to date.  Measuring 40 inches across by 30 down, this one felt like it took up my whole studio apartment back in LA.  I haven’t quite worked back up to that size again, but I would like to someday.

I’ve been working at getting back in to the swing of painting here in the new space, but so far that’s been slow going.  It’s been strange doing all of this art for work, but so little on my own.  It’ll come though.

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April 29th, 2012 at 6:26 pm

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