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Lately I’ve been giving some thought to the idea of just opening my own anaplastology clinic.  The most consistent advice I think I’ve gotten in anaplastology has been to not open my own clinic just out of school.  The wisdom being, that you don’t know enough just coming out of school to run your own place yet.  But with the job market as tight as it is, and so many anaplastologists choosing to work as single agents and not with each other, it’s starting to look like the only way may be just to put something together and hire yourself.  It’s true though, I don’t know enough.  I’m not sure that anyone ever really knows enough though until they’ve done it, maybe until they’ve done it twice even.  And so I’m thinking.

I’m thinking about things like where a new clinic is most likely to succeed.  Which states have friendlier business laws?  Would I need to hire more people?  How long would it take for doctors to start referring patients to me?  Would I want to advertise directly to the public and try to reach people that way?  Are there other similar needs that could take up some business while I am still building a patient base?  What are the odds of being able to share a working space with a collaborator of a similar lab needs?  Would I get someone to handle insurance claims for me, or could I possibly step around that all together by not accepting insurance at all?  If I did that I could probably afford to charge less.  How much would it cost to get building space and lab materials up and going?  Is this the worst idea ever or the best?

So yeah, that’s all just been on my mind lately as I look for opportunities.  And in the meantime, I get to keep in practice by helping some neighbors out with a couple of custom Halloween masks.  ‘Cuz, y’know it doesn’t always have to be medical.

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October 7th, 2011 at 9:59 am

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