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So, some of you reading are no doubt familiar with Tumblr.  Others of you surely are not.  I’ve never signed up for the site myself, but as best as I can tell it’s some kind of a cross between Facebook and WordPress, allowing bloggers to link to each other, and a simplicity of image sharing.  Mostly I’ve only ever run into it myself when image collections pop up in my image searches, but I never quite realized that it was actually a community of people posting those images.  Well, quite recently my attention was drawn to a really amazing Tumblr of Scientific Illustration.  Naturally I had to post the link here.  This is a really great collection here!  I’m so impressed.

The actual Tumblr page looks like this, and you can poke through it for days and days looking at beautiful scientific illustrations…

Or you can view it, as I originally saw it, in it’s archive form, which will take you into the closer view of the site for any image you click on, with accompanying information about the image’s source and such…

This one in particular caught my eye first.

Unfortunately I’m having a difficult time finding the illustrator for it, and the original post is in Italian.  It calls it La Straniera though, which according to Babblefish, means The Alien.  That may just be the person who posted it though.

Another Italian gem, this time with a much clearer artist’s attribute is that of Pietro Berrettini da Cortona via the National Library of Medicine‘s Dream Anatomy site.

Or this more colorful piece, right out of my present home city, Chicago.  If I’m catching the tiny printing right, this looked to be created all the way back in 1884 by L.W. Vaggy.

So yeah, the site leaves a bit to be desired in terms of credit to the artists.  But it is a fantastic collection of scientific illustration, and one that grows all the time.  I know I’ll be popping back in to check on it, and see what comes up next.

**edit – Please view the comments section for more artist information and links!**

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June 2nd, 2011 at 2:43 am

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