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Autodesk (continued)

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Today was supposed to be the day I finally gave up on my ongoing saga to get my Autodesk software up and running on my machine.  Instead, it was a breakthrough day.  After loosing a week to technical support insanity, today I finally got somewhere with it all.  It turns out the error message I was receiving on the Mac end of my computer was in fact the error itself, and could be ignored.  Amidst all the other trouble, that possibility hadn’t even occurred to me.  And I also reinstalled Parallels and Windows 7, and this time it all seems to be working.  I made it a point this time to upgrade Windows before installing 3DsMax.  I don’t know if that made a difference or not, but it did open for me later.  I am however stuck running the trial version until I can get another license.  The bad install went through as my one activation, so now I have to chase the right people down to get a new one to keep the program running.  I even got an honest apology from one of Autodesk’s student technical support advisers.  He also said that getting the trial version up and running was indeed a good sign and that I should be good to go now once I get the license.  For any of you dealing with your own similar crisis out there I can tell you now that Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition will support 3DsMax.  I think it may not be optimal for those who are networking their computers together, but as far at getting it up and running in the first place goes, the home edition is just fine.  Anyway, I’ve been working in that today and cleaning up the skull scan from last month for my upcoming animation.  It is good to be making progress with that again indeed.

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September 19th, 2010 at 1:12 am

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